The Future of Europes Italia

Here are the Wikia rules made by Administrators. Members and guests should still follow the Terms of Use. Please note that the administrators can modify these rules at any time without further notice for any reason. If you are confused after reading the rules, or need a simpler way of explanation, please ask a member of the staff.


1. Secondary or alternate accounts are forbidden.

2. Wars are banned in the Wikia, declaring war leads to a permaban

3. Factions are also banned in the Wikia, creating a faction might result in a permaban and joining one without knowing this rule in an at least 2 week ban.

4. Over 5 Map games at the same time in TFoE wiki Italia are not allowed.

5. No advertising Spam wikis, Clone Wikis (A wiki with similar purpose on a subject to another wiki), or Wikias that are meant to demoralize other wikias without explicit permission from the administration.

6. Jumpscares and spam are forbidden

7. Pages of this wikia can be written in Italian only, a few administration pages like this one might also be written in English, in that case they're written as Nameofpage/English, normal pages in English, even in this format are absolutely forbidden, English, though, can be used in the Wikia's "community" places such as the chat and the comments.

8. No vandalizing pages (as said in the Terms of Use), including any pages of those who were previously banned.

9. Blog posts that are about leaving the Wikia are not allowed as this might demoralize other users making them to leave too.